Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3D cross stitch

I was trying to clear all these old things we had in our loft and i came across ann unfinish cross stitch pattern my sister did. It's so amazing, i love the way she's used colour. Way ahead of her time that one.

Dorian Gray

I added some better images from our shoot.

Ok, so this is my first post!

For those among you who don't buy Grafik magazine (shame on you - it's a fine publication... with very handsome and talented design assistants!), this is something we featured in our special report this month.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is Oscar Wilde's only novel, and is quite simply superb. If you haven't read it then this is an excellent opportunity to do so in a unusual way. This particular version is published by Four Corners Books and is designed by John Morgan, it's unusual in that it takes the typographic and layout formats of a magazine rather than a traditional "novel" - this being a direct reference to the fact that the book (as with most books of the period) was originally published (serialized) by installment in a magazine.
It also takes reference (and images) from mens life/style magazines of the 60's & 70's, which is an entirely appropriate and in keeping with the books themes of personal beauty/vanity.

They're cheap-as-chips too at about £12 - you can get them from the Design Museum and Amazon. These are beautiful objects and produced in limited numbers so run to your wallets and get one before they run out!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lee Miller

I went to see the Lee Miller exhibition at the V&A and it was incredible, especially her war photos. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

I forgot to add, we saw some really nice street art, this was randomly on a side of a wall.

Hi tintin and everyone! I'm doing a lot a the moment will try and keep you updated.  Me and my sister have set up our own womenswear label called Elton & Jacobsen.  We are going to Paris next week for Who's next, check it out:
Also check out our new website, its not much on it yet though..:

Friday, January 18, 2008


It was beautiful, the water was so milky and the volcano rock! I was in heaven, it was SO warm. An expensive place but recommended, everyone is very cool and really nice.x

The beginning

Hello Ladies and gents. The point of our sketchbook is to display anything you find inspiring, amazing or just pure crazy. I thought this could be an interesting way to still share our creativity with each other and see what we re all up to, so please feel welcome to post ANYTHING you like and want to share. Lots of love tin x