Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lee Miller

I went to see the Lee Miller exhibition at the V&A and it was incredible, especially her war photos. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.


dblock said...

Are we commenting on this blog?
I'm not sure that it was THAT good, I thought that the decision not enlarge the original negatives (whilst maintaining the photo's original integrity) detracted from my ability to enjoy the exhibition.

I went to see it at the same time as the Couture show (I like to think I still maintained objectivity despite Carrie working on Couture!) which might have affected my opinion.
I just thought that the two exhibitions were miles apart in terms of curation and also content.


tintin said...

yes, you can leave comments. I felt the couture exhibition was an excellent public exhibition in showing how the couture houses worked, and the golden age however, they was little substance. There was no mention of the designers that were on Hitlers side in WW2 for instance.

I loved the Lee Miller for the beauty in her photographic compositions of both fashion and art and how surrealists influenced her style.