Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One more thing...

Films we should all be watching:

Be Kind Rewind- Michel Gondry
There Will Be Blood- Paul Thomas Anderson
Juno- Jason Reitman
No Country for Old Men- Coen Brothers



dblock said...

yes to "no country.."

I was completely blown away by it. Literally has become one of my favorite ever films after just one viewing.

I can't wait to see "There will be blood" I LOVE Daniel Day Lewis. Going this week sometime hopefully.

Mackie Steez said...

I second that D, No country was amazing..
Juno I'm not so sure about though..

dblock said...

I spoke to one of my friends about no country the other day and she was like "I thought it was shit", I asked "why?" and she said "because nothing happens and you don't know how it ends.."

Amazing that when I saw it, it was this rich experience, that was full of amazing characters and incredible colours, situations and black comedy. For me the film perfectly captured the stillness of it's setting with it's cinematic style which contrasted perfectly with the intense/high tension scenarios (the gas station scene!) and the glimpses of extreme violence (the opening scene in the police station, with scuff marks on the floor).
Yet, she just saw a series of conversations and almost unconnected events that didn't go anywhere. Weird eh?

Matt said...

weird indeed, one thing i found amazing was the almost complete lack of music, which i completely didnt notice at the time, just shows how engrossed I was by the film itself..