Tuesday, April 1, 2008

behold! My work

Ok, so it's not actually my work.. but I did spend about a week and a half re-touching it and getting it looking lovely. It looked absolutely terrible before.. All green and weird.

for those of you who are yet to buy Grafik 162 (in shops now) this is the cover, run donw to borders or wherever and have a look at my photoshop skillz (innit). Of course the rest of the magazine is fabulous too (fashion special report).

The artist who made this is Daren Lago and it's a giant gucci loafer! There is also another image in the magazine of a similarly huge stilletto (spl?!). Nice

just for reference, this is how it arrived on my desk. ugh!

(click on both images for bigger versions)


Mackie Steez said...

Shiny! dem sum fresh skills bruv!

tintin said...

oh my god your skillz are amazing- we are seriously not worthy! very shiny danny boy- i like.